Professional Pet Sitters vs. Hobbyists

Professional Pet Sitters vs. Hobbyists

Do you ever wonder what you are going to do with your pet when you go on vacation? Do you start thinking of friends, family, neighborhood kids, or the least expensive pet sitter you can find?
Then, when you find that person, are you worried that your pet isn’t going to get the best care?

I’m here to tell you there is great value in paying a little bit more for a true professional rather than a hobbyist. I have gotten a number of calls from clients that chose to go the less expensive route at first only to be disappointed. I’ve even gotten the frantic last minute call asking me if I have availability because their pet sitter (a family friend) cancelled the day before they were supposed to leave!

One of our priorities as professionals is to be sure to help our human clients feel comfortable knowing that their pets are in good hands. Professional pet sitters are available most of the time: holidays, weekends, nights, early mornings, etc and they are committed to being responsible to care for your pets no matter what they need.

There is value to hiring professionals and if you’re questioning the cost, here are some reasons why professional pet sitters are more expensive than your hobbyist:

Professionals pay for pet sitting liability insurance and bonding to protect you
Professionals pay for legal advice to make sure we have proper contracts, vet release forms, privacy rules, etc. to be sure that you, your home and your pet are provided with the best care possible
Professionals pay for pet sitter memberships like pet sitters international. Organizations like these keep us up to date on pet care safety, education and training. They allow us to have access to get background checks on everyone caring for your pet and your home, they give us resources to get pet first aid trained, they give us other pet sitters to network with, the resources are endless.

Professional Pet Sitters pay for these things because we take pride in caring for your pets. There is a lot of value to hiring a professional pet sitter, especially when you want the very best care for your non human “babies.”

If you are ready to hire a professional pet sitter, please contact Dog Silly Suites and Services, LLC today!